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July 9th -- Crestmont Park -- Field of Dreams

Join us Saturday July 9th for our third 2016 Movie In The Park
Crestmont Park -- Field of Dreams
Enjoy an evening in the park with your friends and neighbors. Movies begin at sundown on a 30 foot screen (weather perming). Come for dinner at 7:30 pm with lawn chairs, blankets and purchase pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones and beverages to enjoy. Pre-show booths include Tie Dyed - bring your own shirt to dye for $3. Closed captioning available on request.
The full summer 2016 Movie In The Park schedule can be found here
Crestmont Park
1500 Champion Oaks Drive
Google Map
The Field of Dreams Official Movie Trailer
Running time: about 107 minutes
Kaiser Riverside and Cirby Medical Office Building
Project Name: Kaiser Riverside and Cirby Medical Office Building 
Project Address: 1001 Riverside Avenue 
Project #: PL16-0146 (MPP Stage 1 and 2) 
Project Applicant: Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, 1600 Eureka Road, Roseville 95661 
Property Owner: Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, 1600 Eureka Road, Roseville 95661 
Project Planner: Lauren Hocker, Associate Planner, City of Roseville, (916) 774-5272 or lhocker@roseville.ca.us  

The proposed project includes a one-story pavilion building, five-story medical office building, and a parking deck that will replace the existing one and two-story Kaiser Permanente medical office building complex. The project site is currently developed with six buildings totaling 90,290 square feet that comprise the Kaiser Permanente medical office complex, along with 613 surface parking spaces and landscaping. The applicant proposes to develop an approximately 194,000 square-foot, five-story medical office building along with a one-story, 16,000 square-foot pavilion building and related site improvements, including a parking deck, site/building lighting, and landscaping. Off-site improvements associated with the project include the addition of a traffic signal at the Cirby Way and Cirby Hills Drive intersection, to improve access and traffic in and out of the project site. A section of Cirby Way would also be lowered to improve driver sight visibility at the new traffic light. 

The single-story pavilion building would house the pharmacy, laboratory and conference space. The ground floor of the five-story medical office building would include retail and public functions such as a café, health education, and optical center, as well as Physical Therapy/Rehab and comprehensive diagnostic imaging. The clinic floors in the medical office building would be devoted to medical offices and are projected to include eight adult primary care clinics, specialty clinics for OB/GYN, Dermatology and Allergy, injection clinic, and comprehensive eye services including Ophthalmology, and Optometry. This new medical office building would double the capacity of the existing clinic to facilitate better member access. 

The existing medical office buildings would remain operational during project construction. This requires the project be phased to maintain public safety and to allow for sufficient patient and visitor access during construction. Once the new buildings are completed, the existing medical office buildings would be demolished to make way for the project's surface parking lot. 

To process the proposal, the applicant has requested the following entitlements from the City: a Major Project Permit - Stage 1 and a Major Project Permit - Stage 2. The project is currently in the application evaluation phase. An Environmental Impact Report is being prepared for the proposed project, and a Notice of Preparation was prepared (available below). As additional documents become available or public meeting dates are scheduled, this website will be updated. Questions regarding the project may be directed to the project planner Lauren Hocker, at lhocker@roseville.ca.us. More information at: http://www.roseville.ca.us/kaiser
Public Safety News & Tips -- Car Heat Tips, Imposter Scams & Election Scams Vol 16 Issue 06
It’s summer and we all know how hot it can get in Roseville. On a typical sunny day, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach a potentially deadly level within minutes. Never leave a child alone in a vehicle, not even for a minute. (read more below)
Car Heat Tips, Imposter Scams & Election Scams Vol 16 Issue 06.pdf
Public Safety Forum
Date:  5/12/2016 at Sun City’s Timber Creek Lodge
The Roseville Police Department and Crime Stoppers hosted the Public Safety Forum at the Timber Creek Lodge in Sun City to help bring awareness of current crime issues in the city and Placer County, and provide crime prevention tips.
Police Chief Daniel Hahn said the police department receives about 117 ‘911’ calls per day.  Although this is about a 4% increase in calls, overall crime is still lower than surrounding cities.  Half of the people arrested in Roseville are not from Roseville.  He reported some crime statistics:  robberies included an increase with escalated store thefts; an 8% increase in burglaries (42% from open/unlocked garages); larceny (including 46% in thefts from unlocked/open cars.  He indicated there was a strong correlation between auto related thefts and drug usage, a result from Prop 47 and AB 109 legislation.  He also said a recent study shows Prop 47 is related to the rise in violent crime.   He advised they are trying to help keep neighborhoods strong, work with apartment managers, and use media sources to keep residents alerted.
Placer County District Attorney Scott Owens said they have 43 attorneys with offices in Roseville and Auburn, plus a one-and-a-half-person staff in South Lake Tahoe.  They cover 75,000 court appearances a year, and receive about 11-13 thousand crimes a year for prosecution.  They have a dedicated team to cover victim advocates - including elder abuse, scams, and restitution issues.  He stated the results of Prop 47 and AB 109 have resulted in the early release of 50,000 inmates, and reduced the punishment of 500 felonies to no longer require state prison commitments.  It also reduced what is considered a ‘serious’ felony - elder abuse is no longer considered a serious felony, and crimes under $1 Million are not considered a serious offense.  Criminals are no longer opting for drug court treatment programs, but instead choosing jail time where they will be released earlier, so they’re not getting help for their addictions. 
Placer County does not yet have its own Crime Lab, but they are trying to get one.  Currently, evidence must be ‘sent out’ through their contract with the Department of Justice, causing delays of results of 9-12 months (thus a high number of court continuances needed). 
Mr. Owens said he is “dead set” against the marijuana initiative now pending in Placer County.
Rob Baquera, PIO for the Roseville Police Department, introduced Sgt. Jeff Kool (Patrol Supervisor) and Sgt. Kelly Newton (Police Investigations) and they answered questions from the public on the crime processing team in the Roseville Police Department.  Sgt. Kool indicated the patrol officers make the initial determination of crimes.  Most residential burglaries enter through side entries and open windows; the first place criminals look is the master bedrooms searching for jewelry and guns.  Sgt. Newton said investigators then will continue with crimes against persons and property thefts using CSI teams and other measures to follow-up to identify the criminals. 
They gave overall crime prevention tips:  don’t use free WI-FI, never give out personal information over the phone; don’t leave garage doors cracked (zip tie emergency releases on garage doors).  Keep cars in garages whenever possible - most cars are stolen for their expensive parts (air bags, navigation systems, audio systems, etc.); recommend using The Club as a deterrent.  Report suspicious activity, make sure contractors have business licenses; security cameras are good and getting cheaper.  The Ring (doorbell camera) can send alerts to your cell phone, consider kick plates for doors. 
To a question about jail facilities, they responded that the local jail is closed, but hopes to open the County Jail facility here full service in the next year.  Meanwhile they take arrestees to Auburn.
Jaime Garrett, PIO for the Roseville Fire Department, stated they have 8 fire stations, usually 33 Fire Fighters on duty at any time, and handle 15,000 calls per year.  Their average response time is now 8 minutes.  All their Fire Fighters are Paramedics.  She recommended homes should have a disaster emergency kit prepared with enough supplies per person to last 3 days, including medications, eye care, and batteries.  Stay connected - the city has a “reverse 911” system used only for emergencies, but you must voluntarily sign up for it.  Ms. Garrett said the former child car seat installation program is expected to start up the middle of June after new staff certifications.  If you have questions, call the 774-6444 non-emergency dispatch number.
Public Safety News & Tips -- Secure Your Home Before Going on Vacation
The weather is warming up and summer is almost upon us. For many families that means going on vacation. So you’ve packed your bags and planned your itinerary. Before you head out the door, don’t forget to secure your home. The last thing you want is a phone call during your trip that your house was burglarized. Take the necessary steps before you leave on holiday. (read more below)
Home Security & Grandparent Scam Volume 16 Issue 05.pdf


Attention Neighborhood Watch Block Captains...
Roseville Police would like you to complete the Block Captain Registration Form - so they know how to contact you with important updates and meeting opportunities.
Download this form - complete it and email or postal mail back to the Roseville Police Department. (Likely less than 5 minutes to complete)
Neighborhood Watch Registration Form 2016.pdf


Movie In The Park
2016 Movie Schedule
June 11
Woodbridge Park
June 25
Maidu Park
July 9
Crestmont Park
415 Sierra Blvd 1550 Maidu Drive 1500 Champion Oaks Drive Inside Out Cinderella Field of Dreams  
July 23
James W. Wanish Park
Aug. 13
Buljan Park
Aug. 27
Fred Festersen Park
1351 Junction Blvd 150 Hallissy Drive 2150 Village Green Drive Aladdin Minions Zootopia  
Enjoy an evening in the park with your friends and neighbors. Movies begin at sundown on
a 30 ft. screen (weather permitting - check rcona.org). Come for dinner at 7:30 pm with
lawn chairs, blankets and purchase pizza, teriyaki, popcorn, snow cones and beverages to
enjoy. Pre-show booths include Tie Dyed - bring your own shirt to dye for $3.
Closed captioning available on request. Sorry - No Dogs are allowed in the Parks
Download the 2016 Movie In The Park poster:
Movie In The Park Poster.pdf
Code Enforcement –public nuisance parking on landscaping–proposed updates

Date:  2/18/2016 RCONA NR Board meeting at Riley Library, Mahany Center

Derek Ogden, Sr. Planner, Roseville Code Enforcement, presented some of Roseville’s proposed changes to the current public nuisance ordinances.  These changes hope to address continued complaints about vehicles parking on residential landscape areas, ‘over-concrete’ of front yard areas, and to maintain a good appearance of Roseville neighborhoods.   City Council has asked Code Enforcement to address these complaints.  These amendments will fall under Zoning Codes and Title 11 Vehicle and Parking Codes.  
Proposed ordinance changes would limit paving of residential properties to no more than 50% of front setbacks (15-20 feet) and street side setbacks (limit of 10-15 feet), and limit parking on the yards.  Changes would require landscaping to be properly maintained in a nuisance-free manner (keeps weeds under control) to maintain aesthetics of the neighborhoods.
Vehicles must be parked on an “improved surface”, including concrete, asphalt, some pavers; can’t park on gravel.  It must be a paved surface except outside of the 20-foot zone.   Types of vehicles would also be limited—no commercial vehicles 10,000 pounds would be allowed to park on residential property.  Ordinances already restrict commercial parking on streets now, but the limitations will now extend to private property now as well.  This does not include regular pick-up type trucks or RV’s.
A hearing before the Planning Commission has already been held.  The first reading before the City Council will be 3/2/2016, then the second hearing and a 30-day period following approval, so the earliest it would take effect would be about 4/16/2016.
Questions and comments from RCONA Representatives and guests:
Q—Curtis Devore stated his concern about homeowner rights—wouldn’t it be better not to over-regulate, like he felt the water is being over regulated?  
A—The City offers incentives re water limitations, and offers other measures like Cash for Grass.  But for parking issues the City is limiting restrictions up to 50% of front yard setbacks; you can still park on other areas.  These codes are in response to resident complaints, it’s a wide spread problem, not one neighborhood or person.
Q—Scott Alvord inquired about residences with specific property problems?
A—Residents can apply for a variance at the Planning Department if circumstances might require special conditions.
 C—Robert Sanchez stated he had attended the Planning Commission hearing because of neighborhood complaints received in the Pleasant Grove NA; he thanked the City for addressing their concerns.
C—Colleen Cole said they had also received a lot of complaints about residents letting all their grass die and cementing their yards; she also thanked the City for attempting to address these concerns as well.
Any questions should be addressed to Derek Ogden at dogden@roseville.ca.us.
SCANNED VERSION - PL16-0022 Zoning Ordinance Amendment.pdf