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Public Safety And Neighborhood News, March 3, 2015

Roseville Crimes & Police Activity Today, 03:08 AM
  Roseville's CSI team pays tribute to the great Leonard Nimoy, who made science cool.  Our in-house forensic scientists use biology, chemistry, physics and math to solve crime and prepare cases for court.  We're proud of all they do to help our community live long and prosper....
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A Quick Update: Roseville’S Water Supply -

City of Roseville - News Feeds Feb 27 2015
As you all know, Roseville’s water comes from the reservoir, a multi-use facility managed by a federal agency, the Bureau of Reclamation, as part of the statewide Central Valley Project system.  Today we received an initial allocation of 25 percent of normal.  This number is based on pr...
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Community Meetings Planned For Proposed Utility Rate Incr...

City of Roseville - News Feeds Feb 27 2015
The City of Roseville is holding two community meetings in March to update customers about proposed water and wastewater utility rate increases. The rate increases will offset costs of infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation, compliance with current and future regulations, and ensure contin...
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Groundwater Wells to be Activated in Roseville Beginning January 27, 2014

water wells drought

Due to unprecedented dry weather conditions and low water levels at Folsom Reservoir, the City of Roseville will be activating back-up groundwater wells within the city to preserve water levels at Folsom Reservoir. Groundwater wells will be active starting the week of January 27, 2014 and operated until further notice. Customers receiving groundwater will receive a reminder phone message close to activation of the groundwater wells. Groundwater served to your home is safe to drink and meets all state and federal drinking water standards.

To learn more about drinking water served from groundwater wells go to www.roseville.ca.us/wells or call 774-5750. The following questions are all answered there:
  • Why is Folsom Reservoir so low?
  • Why is water being releases from Folsom Reservoir?
  • Why are the wells being turned on?
  • When will the wells be turned on?
  • What wells are being turned on and what areas are going to get groundwater served to them?
  • Is the groundwater served to us safe to drink?
  • Will the City of Roseville notify us when we are back on water from Folsom Reservoir?
  • What is Roseville doing to get residents and businesses to reduce their water use?
  • Can water customers install water softeners in their homes?
  • How do you measure a 20 percent reduction against my water use?


More Information:
Water Supply Update from the City of Roseville -- Attached File  drought_preparation_011613.pdf   445.13KB   53 downloads

DryFolsomLake.com FAQ Flyer -- Attached File  FLWC FAQ Sheet.pdf   627.41KB   63 downloads