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Richard Plecker Named New Environmental Utilities Director -

City of Roseville - News Feeds Yesterday, 06:26 PM
Today, City Manager Ray Kerridge welcomed Richard Plecker as the City of Roseville Environmental Utilities Director. View the full article
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Converting Grass To Drought Resistant Landscaping -

City of Roseville - News Feeds Jan 23 2015
Approximately 2 acres of nonfunctional turf at Crestmont Park, Roseville Electric Utility and the Roseville Corporation Yard is scheduled to be replaced with drought resistant landscape saving 6.9 million gallons of water annually. Areas that are primarily aesthetic and not used for pas...
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Public Safety And Neighborhood News, January 22, 2015

Roseville Crimes & Police Activity Jan 23 2015
  News and upcoming events   Crime went down in 2014:  We just finished compiling our year-end crime statistics, and we're glad to report that Roseville's reported violent crimes declined 28% in 2014, and property crime declined 8%.  Crime went down in almost...
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