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This site and comment sections are a place for the city of Roseville neighborhoods (RCONA) discussions. We do ask that you register here in order to post or reply to a message or make a comment. We do this so that moderators and others answering questions are not confused by several people with the "Guest" name.

Posting / Commenting Guidelines/Rules
Spam/spamming policy:
RCONA has a Zero Tolerance SPAM policy. Anyone spamming RCONA sites, or capturing e-mail addresses (in any way) will be immediately terminated, banned from this site. You will also be reported to your ISP and the FTC. If you violate this policy and it causes damage or loss to the servers or causes our websites to be interrupted from normal service, you will be held liable for damages and loss of business.

Spam/spamming definition:

  • Sending an e-mail with the RCONA name, or any of our website addresses, to anyone that has not requested this information from you first.
  • Sending an e-mail with the RCONA name or our website address, to any type of "lead" or "prospect" before you have received a request for more info from them.
  • Using any e-mail addresses found within RCONA to sign up any address to a mail list, private forum, public forum, unsolicited BULK MAILING or any/all e-mail that does NOT comply with OPT-IN / OPT-OUT services.

Copyrighted material:
By registering here you agree not to post (or link to) any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this site. Repeat offenders will be banned from this site and their accounts, as well as the offending material, will be deleted.

Finally, the rules are simple - keep it clean and friendly... and keep it on topic. These sites are primarily for Roseville neighborhood-related questions and answers. If you feel the need to flame other individuals, companies, organizations or message boards then your participation will not be welcome here.

  • Please post your messages in one forum only. Crossposting, double posting, triple posting, etc. are all a waste of time and valuable resources. If you post the same message in multiple times or in multiple forums, we will delete the ones we feel are inappropriate.
  • No commercial posting, signatures, or profile statements (including images) are allowed. Please understand "advertisements" will be either edited or deleted, as it's neither "fair" to those who support this site - nor "us", the RCONA community.
  • No personal soliciting of any kind of products, services, or funds.
  • Name calling or harassment of any kind directed towards another member or members will not be tolerated.
  • Messages, signatures, or usernames posted with vulgarity, sexual reference, or obscene images will be deleted, and a warning will be issued or you may be banned. Help keep our forums clean, and a cut above the rest.
  • Negative, or disrespectful comments directed towards the Administrators or Moderators of RCONA site(s) will not be tolerated. Members who wish to take this approach will be banned.
  • Please use the Search feature before posting. Many questions have been answered here already. Then, if you can not find your question/answer - post your question in the appropriate forum. Please do not send an email or a PM (Personal Message) to an Admin or Moderator before you have searched and posted.
  • You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this organization or this site.
  • Please remember, posting and comments are a privilege! While we encourage free thinking, speech, and expressions, taking it to the edge can be harmful to others, as well as yourself. So let cooler heads prevail, and we will all be better for it.


RCONA websites are free sites - supported by local residents and donations. The people that work behind the scenes to bring you what you see are all volunteers. The time and effort to run this site is great. If you have suggestions or comments about the site, please present them in a constructive manner.

About Us

The Purpose of RCONA

·         To raise the level of community participation by citizens for improving and maintaining the quality of life within the City of Roseville.

·         To work with neighborhood associations in resolving social, physical and economic problems within a neighborhood, and deal with other important neighborhood issues.

·         To facilitate communications within and between neighborhoods.

·         To provide instruction and support to neighborhood association leader.

·         To pursue funds from all sources for use in the community and neighborhoods.

·         Revitalize inactive neighborhoods.

·         Organize the residents, property owners, organizations and businesses within each area into a neighborhood association.

·         Bring all neighborhoods together in a coalition of associations.

Get In Touch

   1911 Douglas Blvd, Suite 85 - PMB370, Roseville, CA
   Contact Us
   916-248-4878 (voice mail)

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