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The hunt for savings is on
We are shaking things up a bit this holiday season. This year's Home for the Holidays exhibit at the Utility Exploration Center gives Roseville residents a chance to receive one strand of 100 LED holiday lights plus other useful household items after completing a quick and fun scavenger hunt throughout the Center. Drop by to explore the exhibit and discover ways to save energy and water and reduce waste during this busy time of year. 
  We make (water wise) house calls
“Remember when doctors used to make house calls?” asked Bobby Alvarez, water efficiency administrator. “That’s exactly what we do in our Water Wise House Calls program. We send our water doctors to people’s homes to diagnose problems and recommend solutions.”

Customers who receive a Water Wise House Call find their water usage declined by an average of 15 percent, though savings of 30 percent or more have been documented.
When in doubt, check it out
Phone scams targeting utility customers are a problem nationally. Locally, we’ve noticed scammers target businesses – coming in and leaving quickly. These callers claim to represent the City of Roseville and threaten to disconnect your electric service if they do not receive immediate payment. To help in their scam, they have made their phone calls appear to be coming from a legitimate Roseville phone number.
Gardening Greenly
When teaching her Green Gardner at Home series at the Utility Exploration Center, Cheryl Buckwalter sometimes hears this from a student: "I wish I knew this six months ago! I just got my landscaping done and no one told me about that!" 
But she also hears an equal number of comments like this: "Wow, I've got to tell my friends and family about this. None of us knew trees should not be topped!"
Cheryl is the lead instructor for the eight-week Green Gardner at Home workshop series, using her knowledge and experience as a landscape practitioner for more than 13 years. Learn more
Keep your streets safe
In Roseville, safety and security are high priorities. You can help us keep your neighborhoods safe by reporting streetlights that have burnt out or are faulty. If you notice a street light is out, please contact us at 79-POWER or visit us here.
Free preschool fun for tots
Bring your little one to our free Preschool Playgroup for hands-on fun and exploration. Drop in any time between 10 a.m. and noon on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Utility Exploration Center, 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Next playgroup is Wednesday, December 12. Created specifically with preschoolers in mind, this program offers engaging and age-appropriate activities introducing ways to partner with your utilities to care for our environment. Learn More
Cozy up to these energy-saving tips
Simple actions can help you save energy and money during the cool fall and winter months. More
Invest in a smart thermostat
A smart thermostat will not only let you monitor and control your home's temperature from your smartphone, PC, or tablet, but it can help reduce your energy bill too. We offer rebates up to $100 for installing an Energy Star® certified smart thermostat. Learn More
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The Purpose of RCONA

·         To raise the level of community participation by citizens for improving and maintaining the quality of life within the City of Roseville.

·         To work with neighborhood associations in resolving social, physical and economic problems within a neighborhood, and deal with other important neighborhood issues.

·         To facilitate communications within and between neighborhoods.

·         To provide instruction and support to neighborhood association leader.

·         To pursue funds from all sources for use in the community and neighborhoods.

·         Revitalize inactive neighborhoods.

·         Organize the residents, property owners, organizations and businesses within each area into a neighborhood association.

·         Bring all neighborhoods together in a coalition of associations.

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