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Planning for our water future

Planning for our water future

Maurice Chaney, City of Roseville Environment Utilities Department


In the face of water supply challenges related to changing weather conditions and increasingly stringent state regulations, Roseville is continuing its initiatives of proactive, comprehensive planning to diversify water supplies and maintain a high level of reliability.  

Since the early days when the City assumed the water supply responsibility from Roseville Water Company, our work to grow our locally-produced water supply continues. 

For the past 20 years, we’ve proactively sought to increase water supply reliability by diversifying our sources of water and maximizing those supplies locally. Having all water infrastructure – water, wastewater, recycled water, stormwater – under one integrated utility service allows us to be more innovative and cost efficient because we can manage water resources at every stage of use.

Despite growing our available local supplies through our partnerships with other water agencies, outside forces can still dictate how much water is allocated and used in the future. What’s clear is that ensuring water reliability for Roseville will require us to do even more to diversify, use water efficiently, and build water infrastructure under the City’s control. For these reasons, we are looking at a range of potential options that represent “best practices” from other communities.


Integrated planning underway

We are taking a long-term, holistic approach to plan our overall water strategy to serve our community through 2050, when our population will grow to nearly 300,000 residents. This approach to planning ensures we have a range of options that we can pursue based on their best potential for success – so which options provide the best return on investment from Roseville ratepayers and reduce potential threats in the future. We are starting this comprehensive effort now through our integrated water planning process because infrastructure projects take many years to evaluate and construct.


Options to secure a water reliable future

We’re exploring several options as part of our integrated water planning process for potential to increase water supply reliability and system flexibility, clear regulatory hurdles, and be delivered at a reasonable cost to ratepayers:

  • Additional surface water: Roseville will continue to evaluate its ability to develop surface water supplies by participating in local and regional infrastructure projects to relieve overall pressure on water supplies for communities in our region.
  • Groundwater banking: We are evaluating what steps we can take – consistent with new groundwater laws – to expand our ability to bank water in the groundwater basin so that it is available as another source when needed.
  • Expanding use of purified water: Despite our successful water recycling program, used for irrigation, we only use about 20 percent of purified water.  Work is underway to look at other best practices to maximize wastewater so that it can be put to beneficial use locally.
  • Water-use efficiency: We will continue to partner with our businesses and residents to maximize efficient use of water through newer appliances and water-efficient landscapes. During the drought, Roseville residents reduced water use by more than 36 percent and adopted water-saving habits that will continue to provide water savings into the future.


To learn more about Roseville Environmental Utilities, visit Roseville.ca.us/EU.

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