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Organize Your Neighborhood Association

Organize Your Neighborhood Association

Would you like to organize a Neighborhood Association in your Neighborhood?

Send a message to the Neighborhood Organizational Committee and we will help you get started.



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    • By rconaadmin
      Tuesday, February 23, 2012, marked the first of the meetings to ‘activate’ or ‘reactive’ city neighborhoods within the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA) family. Approximately 50 residents of the Highland Reserve neighborhood gathered at Brown Elementary for to receive presentations from the police and fire departments and about Neighborhood Watch programs and RCONA. Police Chief Daniel Hahn enlightened citizens with stats reflecting an over-all reduction of crime back to 1995 levels. Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Carman spoke of the ‘Neighborhood Fire House’ policy, working for the safety of the community and cooperation with police and other officials. Rob Baquera introduced the Neighborhood Watch program for citizens and crime prevention tips.
      Jim Kidd made a presentation for RCONA, introducing the organization’s goals to use communication and partnerships to enhance the quality of life for its Roseville residents. At the conclusion of the presentations, ten community members volunteered to reactivate the Highland Reserve Neighborhood Association. The provisional board set March 13th as its initial planning meeting; RCONA members will help facilitate the meeting.
      Six more meetings are scheduled in the current campaign at 6:30 p.m. at the following neighborhoods:
      RCONA stands ready to help its neighborhoods become active participants within the Roseville community.
      Photos from the first Neighborhood Organization Meeting.

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About us

The Purpose of RCONA

  • To raise the level of community participation by citizens for the purpose of improving and maintaining the quality of life within the City of Roseville.
  • To work with neighborhood associations in resolving social, physical and economic problems within neighborhood, and deal with other important neighborhood issues.
  • To facilitate communications within and between neighborhoods.
  • To provide instruction and support to neighborhood association leader.
  • To pursue funds from any and all sources for use in the community and neighborhoods.
  • Revitalize inactive neighborhoods.
  • Organize the residents, property owners, organizations and businesses within each area into a neighborhood association.
  • Bring all neighborhoods together in a coalition of associations.

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