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INFILL PCL 65 - 1870 Hidden View Ln Residential Addition; PL 17-0205

DATE: August 29,2017
FROM: Lauren Hocker, Associate Planner


Dear Roseville Property Owner and Interested Individuals:

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that an Administrative Permit application has been submitted to the Roseville Planning Division. The requested permit is described below.

The City issues Administrative Permits for minor types of projects, based on our review of the application and consistency with City standards, and will not hold a public hearing unless one Is requested by you or another interested individual. The Planning Manager intends to approve the permit ten days following the date of this letter, unless a public hearing Is requested. People with questions are Invited to contact the Project Planner, Lauren Hocker, by phone at (916) 774-5272 or e-mail at lhocker@roseville.ca.us. All requests for a public hearing must be in writing (to Lauren Hocker, Planning Division, 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678) and must be received no later than 5·p.m. on the date noted below. If a public hearing is requested, you will receive notice of the date, time, and place of the public hearing. The Planning Manager's action to approve this permit may be appealed to the Planning Commission within 10 days of the approval date.

Project Description
Applicant/Owner: Eugene G. Carson Jr., homeowner
Date Filed: August 1, 2017
Project Name and File #: INFILL PCL 65 - 1870 Hidden View Ln Residential
Addition; PL 17-0205
Project Address: 1870 Hidden View Ln
Request: The applicant requests an Administrative Permit for an addition of greater than 700 square feet. The applicant proposes to add 928 square feet to an existing single-story 2, 142-square-foot home.


Environmental Determination: The project is categorically exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to Section 15301, Existing Facilities, and pursuant to the City of Roseville CEQA lmplementing Procedures.

LAST DAY TO REQUEST A PUBLIC HEARING: September 8, 2017 by 5 p.m.


Note: If a decision Is Challenged In court, the challenge may be limited to raising only those Issues which were raised at a public hearing or in written correspondence delivered to the Planning Division at, or prior to, the public hearing. A public hearing for this application will not be held unless you or another individual requests a public hearing.



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    • By rconaadmin
      Date: August 29, 2017

      To: South Cirby Neighborhood Association & RCONA Board

      Subject: 1870 Hiddenview Lane

      Dear Board Members:

      You may be interested to know that the Roseville Planning Division has received a development application for the project identified below. Notice will be mailed to property owners adjacent to the project prior to action on the application. We invite you to review this request and to forward your comments and/or questions to us. Key project information relating to this project is provided as follows:

      File #: PL17-0205
      Site Location: 1870 HIDDENVIEW LN
      APN: 469-240-017-000
      Specific Plan Area: IN
      Specific Plan Parcel #: 65
      Zoning: R1
      General Plan: LDR-2.8
      Applicant/Owner: EUGENE G. CARSON JR. - 1870 HIDDEN VIEW LN - ROSEVILLE, CA 95661

      If you are interested in having this project presented at one of your neighborhood association meetings, please contact the applicant at the phone number provided above or me at 774-5276 to discuss such a meeting. Please make requests for presentations at least two weeks prior to your meeting date so that we can assure that a City representative can attend. If possible, please put this item at the start of your agenda, after the minutes and treasurer’s report.

      If you have any questions of comments regarding this project, I can be contacted in the Planning Division at 311 Vernon Street or by phone at 774-5276. Your comments are very important to us as we work together to make Roseville a better community.

      Lauren Hocker, Associate Planner

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