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Found 7 results

  1. Date: April 24, 2018 To: Westpark, Sierra Vista/Westbrook & RCONA Board Subject: 2100 Sierra Glen Drive Dear Board Members: You may be interested to know that the Roseville Planning Division has received a development application for the project identified below. Notice will be mailed to property owners adjacent to the project prior to action on the application. We invite you to review this request and to forward your comments and/or questions to us. Key project information relating to this project is provided as follows: File #: PL17-0204 Project Name: SVSP PCL JM-1, JM-20, FD-6, FD-7, FD-24 – TENTATIVE MAP, DRRS, AP Description: SUBDIVISION MAP MODIFICATION TO INTEGRATE FD-07 INTO JM-01 AND FD-24 INTO JM-20; TENTATIVE SUBDIVISION MAP OF 171 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL LOTS ON PARCELS JM-1, FD-6, AND FD-7; TENTATIVE SUBDIVISION MAP OF 137 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL LOTS ON PARCEL FD-24; DESIGN REVIEW PERMIT FOR A RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION FOR FD-24; AND ADMINISTRATIVE PERMIT FOR A MINOR SPECIFIC PLAN AMENDMENT TO IDENTIFY FD-24 AS A GATED SUBDIVISION. Site Location: 2100 Sierra Glen Drive APN: 498-010-001-000, -026-000, -032-000, -033-000, -035-000, -036-000 Specific Plan Area: SV Specific Plan Parcel #: JM-1, JM-20, FD-7, FD-6, FD-24 Zoning: RS/DS, CC/SA General Plan: LDR-4.8, MDR-9.0, LDR-4.9, MDR-8.0 Applicant: MOURIER INVESTMENTS, LLC – ATTN: STEVE SCHNABLE / ROD YAMANAKA – 1430 BLUE OAKS BLVD., STE. 190 – ROSEVILLE, CA 95747 Owner: MOURIER INVESTMENTS, LLC – ATTN: STEVE SCHNABLE / ROD YAMANAKA – 1430 BLUE OAKS BLVD., STE. 190 – ROSEVILLE, CA 95747 If you are interested in having this project presented at one of your neighborhood association meetings, please contact the applicant at the phone number provided above or me at 774-5272 to discuss such a meeting. Please make requests for presentations at least two weeks prior to your meeting date so that we can assure that a City representative can attend. If possible, please put this item at the start of your agenda, after the minutes and treasurer’s report. If you have any questions of comments regarding this project, I can be contacted in the Planning Division at 311 Vernon Street or by phone at 774-5272. Your comments are very important to us as we work together to make Roseville a better community. Sincerely, Lauren Hocker, Associate Planner [email protected] PL17-0204 FULL COST.docx.pdf

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·         To raise the level of community participation by citizens for improving and maintaining the quality of life within the City of Roseville.

·         To work with neighborhood associations in resolving social, physical and economic problems within a neighborhood, and deal with other important neighborhood issues.

·         To facilitate communications within and between neighborhoods.

·         To provide instruction and support to neighborhood association leader.

·         To pursue funds from all sources for use in the community and neighborhoods.

·         Revitalize inactive neighborhoods.

·         Organize the residents, property owners, organizations and businesses within each area into a neighborhood association.

·         Bring all neighborhoods together in a coalition of associations.

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